Exclusive: Durakovic promises attractive football to fans

Selangor head coach, Mehmet Durakovic spoke about the Red Giants' new foreign players, and his plans for the team this season, in an exclusive interview with Goal
The Red Giants feature quite a few new faces this season, although they have also retained a number of their players from last season.

When inquired about how the new players are getting along with the rest, Durakovic responded, "They are coming along fine. Andik (Vermansyah) just came in last week so he is getting used to the way we play, getting his fitness up, but he is doing quite well. The two Brazilians (Paulo Rangel and Junior) and Steve Pantelidis are doing very, very well. Slowly but quite surely, they are coming along well with the other players."
The 2014 season saw the addition of two more foreign player slots for each team, to four, which means that Selangor's foreign legion have a bigger role to play in the team this year. Asked whether they have integrated well with their local teammates, the 49-year old answered; "Absolutely. It takes a bit of time, just like the way we want to play our football. They are bonding together, and getting to know each other off the park. It is the only way to get success this year."
The last time Selangor won a cup was in 2010 and fans' disappointment has understandably grown more palpable with each new trophy-less year. Pushed for his target this season, the Australian declined to provide specific targets, explaining that they are a very new squad, and he would only say that they would do their best. However, he promised, "We will play attractive football with passion, and every Selangor player will give 100%. We will play with speed, and we will try the tiki-taka brand of football that is famous overseas."