Goal Malaysia's Hotseat with Aysha Ridzuan: Andik Vermansyah settling into life with Selangor

Aysha sat down with the Indonesian star to discuss about his new life in Malaysia, coach Mehmet Durakovic and emulating Bambang Pamungkas

You have been in Malaysia and Selangor for a few weeks now. How are you settling down so far?

All is fine so far. I find that there's not much of a difference here in Malaysia compared to my home back in Indonesia. So that makes it a lot easier for me to adapt and get used to the situation and environment in Malaysia.

How about your new teammates? Have they been welcoming?

Everyone here has been treating me well and made me feel very comfortable. As for now I don't have any problems with them. A lot of them are also new players in Selangor so we are adapting together.

You have played against your new teammates Hazwan Bakri and Thamil Arasu in the SEA Games recently. Now you are training and playing with them. What's your thoughts on these two?

In my opinion Hazwan and Thamil are two good young players which are of course good additions to the team. I'm happy to be playing with them and I also hope I'll get chances to play in the games.

Before you decided to sign for Selangor, did you get a chance to meet Bambang Pamungkas or Elie Aiboy who used to play for Selangor?

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet any of them prior to signing for Selangor. We live in different cities in Indonesia. So I only watched their games on YouTube to get myself excited and inspired.

Bambang and Elie have won trophies with Selangor. Do you feel any pressure to do the same or better than them?

I believe it will be a tough job for me as the fans expectation on me will be high. But then again I don't think of myself as a star or a fantastic player. I'm not here not for fun but to work hard and give my very best for Selangor. And hopefully in the end I'll be able to win something for the team.

Looking at the Selangor team, what do you think is the biggest quality that they have?

From what I see, everyone is together and wants to work hard fighting for places in the team. I think that's a good first step before we begin the season.

How is it like working with coach, Mehmet Durakovic?

Thankfully, the coaching team including the head coach himself are all very nice to me and it's easy to work with them. I am very happy to be here and to be working with these people.

Since it's the World Cup year, so I have to ask you this question. Who are your favourites to win the World Cup this year?

I think Brazil or German will win it this time.

Aysha Ridzuan is the in-house writer & sports production professional for Astro SuperSport in Kuala Lumpur.

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