Police detain PFSLJ leader after Qatar match

A commotion took place between the fans and police at the Shah Alam Stadium after Tuesday night's 2015 Asian Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Qatar.
Following Malaysia's 1-0 defeat to Qatar at the Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday night, the vocal set of Malaysian fans who call themselves Ultras Malaya made their way towards the VIP stand to voice out their disappointment to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) officials.

The situation escalated at the stadium entrance when the members clashed with the riot police, the Federal Reserves Unit (FRU).

It later emerged that they were protesting the arrest of the dissenting fan group 'Presiden FAM Sila Letak Jawatan' (PFSLJ) leader, Alfadli Awaludin. 
PFSLJ, which have been calling for the FAM president, Sultan Ahmad Shah, to step down from his position due to his apparent failure to improve the state of Malaysian football.

The group have been particularly vocal in repeating this demand throughout Malaysia's lacklustre Asian Cup qualification campaign.

Malaysia Ultras negotiating with police for release of PFSLJ leader Alfadli and Farhin.

Following his arrest, Alfadli and another fan who is only known as Farhin, were put in the stadium lock-up despite the Ultras' demand for them to be released, before they were taken to the Shah Alam police headquarters in Section 9.

At the headquarters, several members of the Ultras were seen negotiating with the police for their release in a light-hearted manner.
During the negotiation, the Ultras were heard complaining about the excessive force used by the police against them while they were expressing their opinion against FAM, which allegedly included an undercover police using physical violence against them.

They also said that the FRU members had used unprovoked physical violence against them.

To this, a higher-ranked police officer who identified himself as Goh simply said: "Just like there are loose cannons within your (the ultras') ranks, there are a few in ours, too."

The two were finally released without any charge at around 3am after their statements were taken by the police.
In a phone call made to Alfadli later during the day, he explained that they had approached the VIP stand with the intention of confronting the FAM officials about the absence of their president from such an important match, and to ask them to send the fans' disappointment back to him.

PFSLJ leader Alfadli (centre) following his release.

However things went south for them when Farhin was kicked from behind unprovoked by a policeman before he was handcuffed.

"I asked them why is my friend being detained, and asked them to let him go as we were not doing anything illegal." 

"That's when I got handcuffed too" he explained with a slight chuckle.

They were then taken to the stadium lock-up, before being moved to the Shah Alam police headquarters.

He was then questioned for a few hours before being released.

"I maintain that the fans are right in asking for the FAM president's resignation," he added.

"After all, players, coaches, and officials have come and gone these past 30 years, but the president is still the same person, and Malaysian football is still down in the dumps.

"So who is at fault here? We the fans need to continue pressuring FAM."

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