Safiq Rahim is a great player, says Badhri Radzi

The relative newcomer to K. Rajagopal's squad, Badhri Radzi, has revealed that he has no problem working with Safiq Rahim

Badhri Radzi, locally known as Piya, who just had his second call-up for the national team under the management of Head Coach K. Rajagopal, has made it clear to the fans that he has no problems working with Safiq Rahim.

"I don’t think it is a problem and to me, it is an honour to work with him." Piya said.

Recently there have been arguments exploding on social networking sites that keep comparing Piya and Safiq, questioning who is better in operating the midfield area of Rajagobal's squad.

Piya humbly answered that he and Safiq have individual advantages.

"I might be good in passes and through balls, but [Safiq] is good with his set pieces.

"Look at his freekicks; it is almost impossible to stop if it’s on target.

"Whoever gets selected to play, it’ll be the best for the team," Badhri added.

Although he was ruled out of the recent two matches for the national team, he insists that he will give his best whenever he gets the chance to play.

"Frankly, I am disappointed not to be able to join the team for the time being, but I’ll do my best if called upon later on," Piya concluded.