Exclusive: Mitra Kukar say Shevchenko signing is still a 'long way' off

The manager of the Indonesian Super League side told Goal.com Indonesia exclusively that while they have expressed interest, financial details of a contract have not been discussed
Following the news that former AC Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko could come out of retirement to play for Indonesian Super League (ISL) club Mitra Kukar, the club’s manager has told Goal.com Indonesia that such a move was still a ‘long way’ off.

Speaking exclusively to correspondent Slamet Riyanto, Mitra’s manager Roni Fauzan indicated that as the transfer window only opens in April/May, the possibility of signing the former Ukraine star is still far from being a done deal.

"The process still has a long way to go. We have to wait for the second half of ISL [to start]. We also haven't visited Sheva in Ukraine. I will inform you [again] when we have some results," Roni explained.

Roni also revealed that there have been ‘talks’ going on but no financial details about a contract has been discussed as yet, although the club are definitely interested in bringing Shevchenko over.

Mitra, who expressed their interest after AC Milan Glorie's match against the Indonesia All-Star Legends in Jakarta last Saturday, is currently top of the ISL table with 15 points after six games.