Petratos already in love with Kelantan and its fans

The former Sydney FC forward spoke to Malaysia and revealed that Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero played a part in his decision to sign for the Red Warriors

“I really love the crowd here.”

Those were Australian youth international Dimitri Petratos’ first words in an exclusive interview with Malaysia recently.

Dimitri who is better known as Dimi, has scored four goals in as many matches for Kelantan in their pre-season so far.

The 20-year-old’s great dribbling skills and good composure in front of the goal is set to make this kid a new phenomenon in Kota Bharu.

During the interview, conducted after Kelantan’s training session, Petratos stated that he did not really know about Kelantan until his manager told him about the Red Warrior’s interest in him.

“I made my research about Kelantan and I was thinking of doing something different, so that’s why I’m here.”

“I love the fans here. I have already played twice for Kelantan in KB (Kota Bharu), and the fans are actually great. I love the environment here.”

When asked whether he could settle down well in Kota Bharu, he commented: “I have great teammates. They are all nice and funny. I’m really enjoying my stay here.”

During the training session, Dimitri appeared to have no problems in communicating with the other players, and was seen playing around with Kelantan’s Nigerian defender Obinna Nwaneri. He looked comfortable with the rest of the team as well.

The former Sydney FC forward also revealed that Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero urged him to leave Australia and go play in Malaysia.

“I actually consulted Sydney FC teammate Del Piero about my move to Malaysia and he just said that I need to follow what my heart says.”

“I want to play football, to achieve something better.

“So I made up my mind and just moved to Kelantan.

“And I think I’ve made a good decision.”

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