Exclusive : EPL coach salutes Malaysian passion towards football

Adam Lea, Education Manager for Portsmouth FC, respects Malaysia for their massive passion towards football
Speaking exclusively to Goal.Com, Adam Lea, Education Manager from Portsmouth FC, believes Malaysia's football at grassroots level is developing all the time.

When asked about the standard of grassroots football in Malaysia he said, "From what I've seen, I think it is definitely where Malaysia wants it to be, Malaysia wants to be competing. Obviously you want to be the best at what you do and I think it is fantastic to see that it is happening from the top straight to the bottom at the moment."

Adam, who has been working with Premier Skills since 2009, believes Malaysian people have a lot of passion which is important as it helps them to develop themselves more.

With Premier League experience under his belt, he believes football is not just about 90 minutes on the pitch, but other things such as community work and nutrition also play a part in the teaching of coaches, these are just two of the elements that he has taught in the Premier Skills programme.

Adam briefly explains the phases in Premier Skills. "The first phase is about the basics of football coaching, where the participants would learn the basics of coaching and get them prepped up so that they will be able to deliver and coach football themselves. Phase two is aiming towards the community where the participants would use football as the tool to aid preventing social issues.  In phase three, the head coach will see whether the participants can coach their community, to see if phase one and two have been effective."

He also saluted Malaysians towards their passion to football. "I wanted to watch the game between Reading and Arsenal the other day but I could not stay up until three in the morning. But I know Malaysian people do that. You guys stayed up until three or four in the morning just to watch football and that is really amazing."