'I still love Kelantan' - ATM coach Sathia

ATM coach B.Sathianathan drops a hint that he would consider returning to his former team if approached and his contract does not get renewed by the Gladiators
After the astonishing match between the 'Gladiators' Armed Forces and Kelantan which ended with both teams taking a point each home, Gladiators coach B. Sathianathan told Goal.com Malaysia that he still has Kelantan on his mind. He also picked out his player of the match, Indraputra Mahyudin.
Sathianathan commented after the match, remarking that the 1-1 draw was a fair result. “Both teams played well, it’s a fair result that we got one point against Kelantan.” During the match the referee had to halt play twice due to crowd disturbances, something which the coach agreed with,  "This is football. There will be several scenes where fans will look at things in other ways. As for me, I think the refferee made good decisions.
“Kelantan played well, they played attacking football. They didn’t hold back, we try to win but have to accept the draw" Sathianathan added.
The former Kelantan FA coach who left Kota Bharu last season also gave high praise towards several of 'The Red Warriors' players. “Kelantan’s players have shown a pleasant development. Norshahrul for example, I think he showed his best form in these last few matches.
“If I have to choose the best player, I’ll say Indraputra Mahyuddin. Several key passes by him almost gave us an upset.”
B. Sathianathan will have his contract end after the Malaysia cup campaign. When asked if he want to go back to Kota Bharu again he said "ATMFA still haven't said anything yet. I’m still waiting and we shall wait and see how it goes.
“I really love Kelantan. I think Kelantan FA is a valuable treasure for our local scene. They showed us how the football scene should be. I still continue my good relationship with Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Haji Azman Ibrahim, players and also fans who still have their respect towards me.”