D'Alessandro: Messi is the best in the world; Neymar is the best in Brazil

The Argentine midfielder has voiced his opinion that the 2011 Fifa Ballon d'Or winner is the greatest player on Earth, while also praising the Brazil international
By Andres Roman

Argentine playmaker Andres D'Alessandro has taken the time to praise Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi as the best footballer in the world, while describing Santos starlet Neymar as the best player in Brazil.

D'Alessandro recently locked horns with Neymar when Internacional took on Santos in the Copa Libertadores, having previously played alongside Messi while wearing the jersey of the Argentina national side.

"Messi is the best player in the world. Playing alongside him makes you a better player," D'Alessandro said to Goal.com.

"Being in the same team as him gives you a certain desire to do whatever you can and run your socks off.

"I hope that he will do well for Argentina, and that people will take notice. Because somehow there are still doubts that shouldn't be there."

The 30-year-old then moved on to discuss the rise to prominence of Neymar, and stressed that there's no other player like him in Brazil.

"Santos play similar football to us, and they have a player who is unique to anybody else. He is on another level than all the other players. Neymar is by far the best in Brazil," he said.

"If you don't mark him closely, he can singlehandedly decided a match. And that's exactly what he did against us when he scored three."