Prandelli: It's scandalous that Verratti plays abroad

The successful trainer believes Italian sides let a huge opportunity pass this summer, while adding that AC Milan and Inter need more time to rebuild their squad
Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has voiced his dismay with Serie A side's passive attitude this summer as Marco Verratti left Pescara for Paris Saint-Germain in the summer transfer window.

Prandelli feels the promising midfielder should have been snapped up rather than let PSG lure him away from Italy, as he believes Serie A teams should invest in young talent - such as the 19-year-old - now they are no longer able to compete financially with the bigger sides for players' signatures.

"If you can no longer compete at economical level, you'll have to look at other ways. You have to invest in the future. I find it scandalous that someone like [Marco] Verratti, who we have all seen play in Italy and know well, is playing abroad," Prandelli was quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We let him go. I would also have called him up for the national side if he was still at Pescara. I repeat: scandalous."

The Italy boss then went on to discuss the situation at Inter and AC Milan, who have both been struggling in the opening weeks of the 2012-13 campaign.

"People are exaggerating things. They are working on new projects, both Inter and Milan. They simply need time. It's impossible to perform right away."

Inter have collected six points from their opening four Serie A games, whereas Milan have won only one game so far and lost three.