Lecce relegated to Lega Pro following guilty verdict in Scommessopoli scandal

The Giallorossi drop two leagues as a result of match-fixing, whereas Vicenza and Grosseto have been re-instated to Serie B
Lecce have been found guilty of match fixing in the Scommessopoli scandal by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and have consequently been relegated two divisions to the Lega Pro.

Their fate comes as a huge relief for Venetian side Vicenza, who despite losing a Serie B relegation play-off battle against Empoli last year, have now been re-instated to the division.

Carlo Tavecchio, president of Serie D and vice president of the FIGC, made the statement: "Vicenza [will play in] in Serie B, Lecce in the First Division [Lega Pro]."

The summit was also attended by the federal president Giancarlo AbeteAndrea Abodi and chief executive of Lega Pro, Mario Macalli.

The latter, after the meeting, said: "Lecce will play in Group A. Serie B will begin as normal tomorrow."

Grosseto were also initially relegated alongside Lecce but the Court of Justice absolved them from their initial punishment and re-instated them to Serie B.

The club's official statement read, "Grosseto and Piero Camilli, after acquittal by the Federal Court, thanks all those who have given proof of affection and participation to the Company and its President. "