Muntari slams Inter technical director: No one can stand Branca

The midfielder believes that he deserved an explanation for his lack of playing time at the club and says the entire Nerazzurri squad dislikes the Italian
AC Milan loanee Sulley Muntari has criticised the way Inter treated him and slammed Nerazzurri sporting director Marco Branca.

The Ghana international joined Inter's city rivals on a six-month loan in January after being relegated to the periphery with the Beneamata.

Muntari has now said that he was never given an explanation for his demotion in the squad.

"I do not know what happened," Muntari told Corriere della Sera. "I was training seriously and doing everything to be ready.

"I do not know what was going on in the heads of the Inter directors.

"I respect youngsters and those who are older than me, but when Branca walked into the dressing room, he wanted me to bow down to him as if he were my God.

"I told him: 'my friend, we are both employees of Massimo Moratti. He is the one who pays my salary'.

"No one in the Inter squad can stand him."

The African midfielder was then asked about his disallowed goal in the Serie A match against Juventus in February, which has been a hot topic between the coaches of the two clubs ever since.

"Antonio Conte can say whatever he wants, but he cannot hide what happened," Muntari noted.

"Massimiliano Allegri always talks about my disallowed goal against Juventus.

"When the season is over, I suggest a boxing contest between Allegri and Conte."

Muntari has made nine competitive appearances for Milan, scoring two goals in the process.