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'Six defeats in a row is tough for me as a coach' - Hougang coach Nenad Bacina was contemplative after seeing his side slip to another defeat

'Six defeats in a row is tough for me as a coach' - Hougang coach Nenad Bacina was contemplative after seeing his side slip to another defeat

Zeng Liwei

Coach Bacina admitted that it he has found the results tough to take and that he will review his position while coach Robin was upbeat with the overturn of fortunes for the Lions

Hougang United coach Nenad Bacina said he will be reconsidering his future with the club after suffering a sixth successive league defeat at the hands of the Courts Young Lions.

“Sixth defeat in a row is quite difficult for me as a coach and the players as well but I as a coach am the most responsible one for the result. So in the next few days I will consider my position in the team.

“I will have sit with the management and see what will happen next because I don’t know if I am able to bring something new at Hougang United so if I have to step down to change something here, probably I will do it.

“Football is about pressure and when you are losing matches of course people who run the club will be asking questions and as a head coach I have to give some answers.”

As for his opinion of the standard of refereeing today, Nenad said match referee Jeevanathan was not up to par and plenty of his decisions were questionable, especially the incident that led up to the second goal.

“The two teams played great football but the referee was not on the same level. I can accept mistakes but when somebody is not in the game and is spoiling the game, he has to also reconsider his position on the field.

“I can accept mistakes from the referee because all of us make mistakes be it players or coaches. But from tonight’s game, he was the worst player on the field. He was making the wrong decisions for both sides.

“I am not blaming the referee for this defeat but I think he should do better.

“The referee didn’t blow for the foul on the half-way line. It was a clear foul. I think 500 people witnessed that it was a clear foul. I don’t know why advantage was given to the Young Lions.”

Yet he refused to blame his team for the defeat saying that “I am satisfied with the team effort and professional attitude. Above that, the both teams played well.

 “We came out in the second half in a good mood trying to penetrate but somehow we couldn’t kick the ball across the line.”

Courts Young Lion coach Robin Chitrakar was pleased with the victory and the performance of the entire team which he feels has finally started to gel and produce results to put the disastrous start of the season behind them.

“Definitely a tough game for us, we scored early in the game and that definitely helped us.”

“Our boys really fought hard for this victory and they wanted it badly.

“He (Sherif El-Masri) contributed well with two goals and they team played really well today.

“The four foreigners are new. The local boys are new. And they are young so it is definitely not easy for young boys to step up and play in the league. It takes time and we can see that they are getting results now. Hopefully we can build from here. We shouldn’t be happy with where we are.”

He rejected Nenad Bacina’s claim that Hougang United should have been award a free-kick for a foul on Ante Barac, leading up to the second goal.

“I think he [Ante Barac] fouled us actually. He was right in front of me and he back-heeled the ball and he was asking for free kick after that. He fouled out player before that with a sliding tackle. I do not think it is a foul.”