Statement by Football Association of Singapore on match-fixing conviction of former Geylang players

FAS President Zainudin Nordin has promised to pursue a world-wide ban from football related activities for the two Koreans found guilt of attempted match-fixing
The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to match-fixing /football corruption, which includes the imposition of permanent suspension from all football activities on any player or official who is convicted in a court of law of football corruption.

In this regard as both persons who were convicted today (May 4) are citizens of South Korea, FAS will be writing to the Korean Football Association (KFA), which shares the same zero tolerance policy towards match fixing/football corruption, to inform them of this conviction and to seek KFA’s assistance to take the appropriate action against these 2 persons including imposing permanent suspension from all football activities.

FAS will also be writing to AFC & FIFA to inform them of this conviction and to urge AFC & FIFA to also take the appropriate action including imposing a permanent suspension on these 2 persons from all football activities.

Both these persons will also be permanently suspended from all football activities in Singapore as a result of their conviction.

As part of the system that has been established in OUR S.League, prior to the commencement of each season a briefing by the proper authorities were conducted for officials, players and staff on what constitutes match-fixing / football corruption and the consequences that comes with it.  

We have also implemented measures throughout the season whereby officials and players are told to report immediately just not only to FAS but to their respective clubs and relevant authorities if they get approached by anyone who attempts to lead them in the wrong direction.

In this regard, we are happy to note that Geylang United FC (GUFC) immediately reported the matter to FAS who in-turn informed the relevant authorities, which lead to this conviction and sentence.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend both GUFC and the players for adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and safe-guarding the integrity and image of OUR S.League. It also goes to show that the SOP set in place by FAS is effective and I thank the relevant authorities involved in this matter for their swift action and cooperation.