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'It’s the last season in my mind' - Singapore International and Tampines Rovers captain Aleksandar Duric believes that this would be his final season as a player

'It’s the last season in my mind' - Singapore International and Tampines Rovers captain Aleksandar Duric believes that this would be his final season as a player

Zeng Liwei

The veteran believes that this should be his final season as a player but added that he is currently doing coaching courses and would continue to contribute with his experiences

“It’s the last season in my mind, my last season in Singapore."

That was ageless wonder Aleksandar Duric’s answer when quizzed about his plans for next season though he did not elaborate on the cryptic last portion.

The current Tampines captain had been saying that this season, the 2012 season would be the final chapter of his two-decade long playing career.

Speaking to Singapore, the goal-machine who had scored over 300 goals in the S.League confirmed that this was still the last season for him.

“If I need to play, I will just be a part-time player," said Duric.

"I am not looking forward to be a full-time player [next season] if I can.”

Althouth it might be his last season as a player his involvement in football will not end. Instead, it might mark the start of a new chapter.

The veteran revealed that he has plan on going into coaching.

 “I am currently doing some coaching courses and I would see if I can finish them by end of the year, if not I would see what I can do after the end of this season," he said.

 “At the moment, I am going to do Class B license in September and hopefully, I can finish my Class A license soon.

“After that I would see if I can get a job in coaching, maybe youth development or something, I don’t know.”

Having played here since 1999 and for five different clubs, Duric believed that his vast experience would be a great help to players here.

 “I should get a job because of my experience, [I spent] so many years here and knowing all the kids and players here,” the 42-year-old added.  

When asked if there was any particular club he would like to coach, Duric answered that there was none but he would like to remain with the Stags if possible.

“No, no, no, I don’t see any," he explained.

"I've played for a couple of clubs and all the clubs had different philosophy on coaches. I will see and at the end of the day, I will decide the most suitable one.

“Of course, my first priority would be staying here with this club, Tampines Rovers, because I enjoy it here.”

But the towering forward cautioned that he was not thinking about his future and is remaining focused on the current season.

“At the moment, I don’t want to think about anything else except my football playing for this season," he told Singapore.

"Because if I start to think about other things, my focus would be in a different way and I don’t want that to happen and I will never do that so I will keep my focus on this season.

“I will continue to do the best I can for my team and club, that’s all.” Singapore also spoke to his current coach, Steven Tan and the former Singapore international said that he would gladly welcome the veteran to join him on the coaching bench.

“Of course!" Tan exclaimed without pause.

"With his experience and fitness, I think he could help us in other parts of the team and serve as a backroom staff.”

However, the Stags coach also said that the most important thing now was for Duric to get his license first.

“He must get his license first!" said Tan.

"Here [in Singapore] everything is about license first because now for Prime League or S. League, you need A [class license].

“We will see. Like I said, my boss will find some way for him.”