Datuk Azhar: Riots started from social network

Perak manager Datuk Azhar belives that the riots in Kuching started from the social network, which went viral.

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Datuk Azhar Ahmad, the manager of Perak stated that a small fight that happened and went viral on the social network between Perak and Sarawak fans was the cause of the riot that happened in Kuching.

According to Datuk Azhar, the issue became bigger when it went viral on social network, and it has made Sarawak fans displeased with the comments, and created a ‘war’ between both sets of fans.

Quoting from Utusan, Azhar said “But the question is, does the fight really involved Sarawak fans? Because the evidence that spread out in the social network was not clear enough. We tried to investigate whether the case has been submitted to the police.”

Perak Football Association stated that they will submit a full report on what happened to at Kuching to the Football Association of Malaysia soon.

“For me, this is one of the worst case I have experienced. Just imagined, the players had to stay in their  dressing room until 2 in the morning before everything was settled down, but I am thankful that we are safe, despite having to have the police escorting us to the airport,” added Azhar.

Azhar also recently denied that any Perak fans were involved in the riots because the Football Association of Sarawak did not sell any tickets to the Perak fans for the game in Kuching for safety purposes.

In a game which ended with a 1-1 draw, Sarawak saw themselves out of the competition after finishing bottom in the group, which was a disappointment for the team after they managed to qualify up to the semi-final last year.T