Razman disappointed with the quality of refereeing

The captain of Pahang still cannot believe that the goal scored by Lions XII was allowed to stand during their clash last Tuesday

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Pahang’s captain Razman Roslan expressed his disappointment over the quality of the refereeing in their last game against Lions XII.

Razman’s comments came after Lions XII scored what many have described as one of the weirdest goals they have ever seen.

According to Utusan Malaysia, Razman said “Not just me, even the coach Zainal Abidin Hassan admitted that it was the first time in his life that he saw such goal, and it never happened anywhere in football matches before. Zesh and I really thought that the ball was out because it hit the assistant referee’s leg, but they continued the game.”

However, Razman is thankful that despite the goal being scored by the Singaporean team, Pahang still won the game as they were leading 2-0 at the time.

“Thankfully it did not have any impact to the result because we were leading 2-0, if not we would be very disappointed because we conceded that kind of goal,” added Razman.

During the match the ball hit the assistant referee's leg, and despite this play was not stopped, leading to Lions XII only goal in the game.

Meanwhile, coach Zainal Abidin Hassan also shared that he was delighted with the performance shown by the players and happy that the players adapted well to the tactical changes that were made.