Forkey Doe slams Kelantan's fans for their negativity

Forkey Doe is not happy with Kelantan's fans who jeered him and Hussein Alaa during their last game

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Kelantan’s import striker Francis Forkey Doe expressed his uneasiness towards Kelantan fans who jeered the club’s import players, including himself.

According to him, the jeering and negative support from the fans only contributed to their bad performance, not making them any better.

According to Astro Arena, Forkey said “The fans in Kota Bharu are very negative. When you are in a difficult match, they should support the team, and stop booing them.”

He also complained that whatever he or Hussein Al do, the fans always see it as a negative thing and that should not happen.

“Every mistakes that we does, whether Hussein Alaa or Forkey Doe, they always looked at it negatively. You must give support and motivate us for our next game,” added Forkey.

Meanwhile, it was Kelantan’s local striker Fakri Saarani who stole the spotlight with a 3-1 win over Penang in their second match in the Malaysia Cup.

After losing to JDT in their first game, Fakri stepped up against Penang to score two goals to give Kelantan hope in their quest to clinch the title.

Kelantan are still looking for their first trophy for this season, after losing out in the MSL as well as the FA Cup this year.