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The new Malaysia head coach wants his players to adapt attacking mentality in every game, rather than just playing defensive approach all the time.

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Dollah Salleh has stated that he wants to adapt a more attacking approach for the national team.

After watching Harimau Malaya so used in  defending approach, Dollah re-affirmed that he wants to instil attacking mentality in every match that Malaysia will play.

Speaking to Utusan, Dollah said “My concept is to go and attack, and I am not going to play only defend when we face much stronger team. We do not want to see when we have to face stronger teams, we play defensive approach. That’s not my style. However, we must be balance in both attacking and defending as well, that’s my philosophy.”

Dollah also added that he believes misfiring JDT strikers, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha and Safee Sali are still the best strikers in the country, but is also aware of the development of Norfarhan Muhamad and Fakri Saarani.

“Both Safee and Norshahrul are still the best in the striking position, and Fakri and Norfarhan are also not far away. There’s no problem for the starting eleven. But the only problem is whether they can adapt with my style with such short time to train,” added Dollah.

He also stated his belief that experience will help them fix few weaknesses, especially in the defensive areas.

When asked about Kelantan's midfield dynamo Brendan Gan, who got his Malaysian Citizenship few months ago, Dollah admitted that he does have a plan to call him and test him in the upcoming friendly matches after the game against Tajikistan.

The former PDRM head coach will take charge of his first game when Harimau Malaya face Tajikistan in a friendly match on August 8th, as part of their preparation for the AFF Suzuki Cup.