Dollah Salleh will use Malaysia Cup, Asian Games as platform to select his team

Dollah Salleh has insisted that he is open to select any players that perform well during the Malaysia Cup and Asian Games

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National coach Dollah Salleh has admitted that the preparation for the match against Tajikistan next week in Dunshanbe is too short.

However, the former PDRM coach insisted that all players give their full commitment when they come for training sessions.

According to Berita Harian, Dollah said “we only have four days before we leave for Tajikistan. There’s not much can be done other than hoping that the players’ experience and harmony of working together before this will help them go through for this challenge.

“The current list of players is for the sake of this match only and after that, a lot more players will receive (the) call for trial. So far I have few names to look at but in this very limited time, I have to call players that are used to working together,” said Dollah.

Dollah also admitted that he has a bigger plan for the national team and the real selection will be made once the Malaysia Cup kicks off, as well as during the Asian Games.

“I will make a very detailed selection when the Malaysia Cup kicks off and the opportunity is open for anyone to be selected. My aim is to have a great team when the AFF Suzuki Cup starts this November,” he added.

Dollah also warned the senior players that although they are chosen for the match against Tajikistan, it does not mean that their place in the team is guaranteed moving forward.