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Azraai Khor is not in a hurry to sign for a new club after resigning from his post at T-Team

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Former coach of T-Team Azraai Khor has insisted that he is not in a hurry to find a new job after surprisingly resigning from T-Team recently.

Azraai, who had a woeful season with T-Team which saw the club relegated from the Malaysia Super League, wants to carefully choose his next destination.

Quoting from the New Strait Times, Azraai said “I will be more careful and will not quickly sign with any team right now. I want to celebrate Aidilfitri first before I think about my future.”

Azraai also informed media that T-Team promised that a few quality players would join the club if he signed for them, but turned out he did not get any.

“I signed with T-Team on the 2nd meeting and was promised a few quality players to join the club, but I didn’t get what I was promised,” he added.

Last year Azraai coached Perak before switching to T-Team. Before that he led Kedah to a double-winning trophy back 2006-07 season. Reports are already suggesting that he will replace Dollah Salleh at PDRM, who has gone to coach the national team.