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OKS believed his boys have done well in the Queensland NPL so far, and insists that the main focus is the Asia Games

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Despite struggling to make it to the top five, and being heavily criticised by some of the local football experts, Ong Kim Swee is still satisfied with his team’s performance in the Queensland National Premier League in Australia.

With seven games remaining Harimau Muda A are currently 9th in the league with 25 points, and OKS said that the main focus should be on the Asia Games in September.

Kim Swee added that the reason they played in Australia is not just for the experience, but for training them to have a winning mentality as well.

According to Kosmo, OKS said “The matches in the Queensland (are) not just for the sake of exposure, but players must have the mentality to win in every game. That is more important than winning the points and I hope they can maintain the determination until end of season.”

Kim Swee also added that he is satisfied with his team’s performance so far, standing 9th in the Queensland NPL table.

“So far I am pleased with the performance of the team, especially when they faced much stronger teams in the league,” he added.

Harimau Muda A are next set to face SWQ Thunder, Palm Beach Sharks and Brisbane City in their quest to move up the league.

OKS recently stated that he is confident that a ‘mixed squad’ consisting of players from Harimau Muda A and the M-League can achieve success in the upcoming Asia Games in Incheon.

“I’ve said it earlier, our main target is the Asia Games, and the NPL Queensland is a good platform for them to gain experience. We have to keep in mind that this team mostly consist of players that are still young (21 years old). They need to be given opportunities to show what they can do so that they can be prepared for bigger tournaments,” added Kim Swee.