LionsXII may be relegated to the Premier League, says Hamidin

LionsXII are not yet safe as their immunity could be canceled out by the competition committee of FAM

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LionsXII are yet to know their fate of whether they are still going to be in the Super League next year, if they finish the season in the bottom two.

The Singaporean team, who have been struggling all season despite winning the title last year, could still be relegated even though the agreement between the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) says otherwise.

The general-secretary of FAM, Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, stated that the competition committee could choose not to follow the previous agreement if it sees fit to do so, which opens up the possibility of LionsXII playing in the Premier League next year.

According to the Malay Mail, Hamidin said “Yes, it is best to just follow to what was agreed in before but the committee have a standing to decide otherwise. Anything that have been decided before, could be canceled."

Reports suggested that although the clause is not stated in the MoU, the immunity of LionsXii was included in the M-League manual, which was given to each team in the pre-season briefing of 2012.

A source, who is in the know of the arrangements made by the two associations, said he is sure that the clause is embedded in the M-League regulations. Plus, several coaches also confirmed that they know about LionsXII immunity before the Singaporeans joined the league.

LionsXII could be in the bottwom two if they lose their last game against T-Team, and if the FAM decide to give the immunity to the Lions then the team who finished 10th in the league will be relegated for next season.