Perak will fight until the end to retain MSL status

Bos Gaurus need to win in their last game, and hope that the three teams above them lose, in order to avoid relegation to the Premier League for next year

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Perak, who are currently lying in 11th place in the Malaysian Super League, are hoping to beat Pahang in their last fixture of the season, and must also rely on three other teams losing in order for them to survive this season.

However, the match against the Malaysia Cup champions at home this Wednesday will not be easy for them, and Perak manager Azhar Ahmad stated that team were not comfortable with their current position and situation.

According to Astro Arena, Azhar said “We are not in a comfortable zone but we do play at home, so that will be an advantage for us. Plus, the recent win against Lions XII away from home should give us a morale boost ahead of the clash against Pahang. If we win that game, I am positive that we will still be in the MSL next year.”

Meanwhile, Perak head coach Abu Bakar Fazim may seek the advice of the technical advisor Karl-Heinz Weigang to find the right formula to beat Pahang.

“The team faltered in the first round of the Super League, and after we changed management, the team and players were able to win more games. Import players such as Hassan Daher, Abdulafees, Marco Tulio and Milan Purovic have shown good performances so far,” he added.

The three teams above Perak that need to lose are ATM in 10th position with 23 points, T-Team with 24 points in 9th position and current champions LionsXII in 8th position with 25 points.