KAFA to analyze video before reporting to FAM

Kleantan FA will study the replay of the incident involving two of their players, Fakri Saarani and Farisham Ismail before taking any actions

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Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) will analyze the recording of the incident that involved two of their players, Fakri Saarani and Farisham Ismail before taking any further actions.

Fakri was injured on his forehead after he clashed by Selangor defender, Steve Pantelidis while Farisham broke his nose after it hit the hand of Ahmad Hazwan Bakri.

According to KAFA’s secretary-general, Haji Azman Ibrahim, his side will analyse the video carefully.

Speaking to Utusan, Azman said, “If we must make any reports, then we will send the objection to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) in the near future.”

Due to the injury, Fakri had to receive seven stitches on his forehead while Farisham was immediately sent to the hospital during the game and is currently being treated.

In a highly tensed game, Kelantan won against The Red Giants 2-0 after Forkey Doe scored against his former employers in the first half and Wan Zaharulnizam added another one in the second half to give The Red Warriors valuable three points.

Azman added that it was a sweet victory because the players worked really hard to win maximum points in front of their own fans in Kota Bharu.

“Although without coach George Boateng, we gave a really good performance and the players followed all the orders from the assistant head coach. You could see some of the players were still tired from the game against Pahang, but with the right discipline, we managed to get all three points,” he added.