FAS express their gratitude for behaving fans

The Football Association of Sarawak have thanked their fans after not causing any incidents during Sarawak's win over T-Team

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The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) were glad that their fans, who were in full force supporting their team, understood that if they were to light flares or smoke bombs then it would affect the team, and therefore did not carry out such actions during the game against T-Team.

The general-secretary of the FAS, Abdullah Julaihi, said that the fans were in their full voice supporting the team without creating any trouble.

According to Utsan Malaysia, Abdullah said “We (FAS) want to thank all the fans for their cooperation in ensuring that the team keeps moving forward. Their awareness of on avoiding unnecessary incidents will surely bring benefits to Sarawak.”

Abdullah also said that the FAS appreciate the support from all Sarawak fans around the country and they will keep on reminding the fans to obey the rules.

“From time to time, we will meet the representatives from the fans to keep this cooperation and helping the team and the local football to improve,” he added.

Recent reports stated that FAS have had to pay more than RM300,000 since 2012 due to fines given by the FAM, after the fans had caused unnecessary incidents during matches.