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Because of their misbehaving fans, Sarawak Football Assocation revealed that they have spent more than RM300,000 since 2012 just to pay for fines

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Sarawak Football Association (FAS) have revealed that they've spent approximately RM351,000 in order to pay fines to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) since 2012.

The fines, which are mostly due to incidents caused by the fans, could have actually been used for the development of the team, but instead had to be wasted by paying the fine said FAS President Datuk Sudarsono Osman.

According to him, 60% of the fine was caused by lighting up flares, which is against FAM rules.

Speaking to Utusan, Sudarsono said “We appreciate the support made by the fans who want to enjoy the game, but when they did all that, we were guilty for not abiding the rules. I really hope that the fans can give full cooperation by spreading the word out, what you can do and cannot do, regardless whether it is a home game or an away game.”

Sudarsono, who is also one of the Deputy Presidents of the FAM, said that the rules can actually be more strict, firstly by doubling the fine.

“After that, the team can be punished by playing in an empty stadium and lastly, deducted three points, so that is why we need them to know this. This rules applies to all the teams in the M-League,” he added.

Sarawak recently recorded a win after they defeated T-Team 2-0 in Kuching, they are now 6th in the table on the same points as Kelantan.