Hassan believes now is not the time for TMJ to lead FAM

Former member of the Malaysian Football Development Committee, Hassan Tun Sulaiman, wants TMJ to learn everything about football first before leading the FAM

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Former committee member of Malaysia’s development committee, Hassan Tun Sulaiman, stated that this is not the time for Tunku Ismail to be the President of the FAM, despite being the most popular candidate among the fans.

According to Hassan, Tunku Ismail needs more time to really understand how the system works, and how to handle the countries football, as well as how to take care of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

Speaking to Utusan, Hassan said “For me, this is not the time for TMJ to fight for the President's post. He is still young and needs time to fully understand Malaysian football as well as the FAM itself. I’m afraid that he will be disappointed if he lost the election and if possible, I hope that he will learn about the sport first.”

Hassan added that Tunku Ismail's decision to be the President of FAM is a great idea and he has proven it by excellently handling PBNJ, but his presence in the FAM must be truly honest and not influenced by any other parties.

“I’m worried if the reason Tunku Ismail wants to fight is because he wanted to have his revenge. I think it’s better for him to stay calm, build a better understanding with this sport and only focus on Johor, before shifting to a bigger responsibility,” he added.

Tunku Ismail is set to fight with current President Sultan Ahmad Shah, and his son, who is also the Vice President of the FAM, Tengku Abdullah, this Sunday.

Meanwhile, when commenting on the current leadership in FAM, Hassan believes that a total change must be made in order for Malaysia to improve more.