OKS and Dollah Salleh happy to work together

Ong Kim Swee and Dollah Salleh would have no problems working together to coach the national team if they were told to do so

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Current interim head coach of the national team, Ong Kim Swee, has given a hint of his interest in permanently coaching the national team alongside the current PDRM head coach, Dollah Salleh.

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have reportedly interviewed some foreign coaches such as Gert Engles, Wolfgang Sidka and Luis Milla to be the head coach of Malaysia, but the latest rumours suggest that the the combination of Kim Swee and Dollah Salleh might be the best way forward for the national team.

According to Utusan, Kim Swee stated “I am actually very close with Dollah and we can actually work together if that’s what people want, in fact, I have no problems working with him.”

Both coaches have relatively good records in the local and international scene, and it is possible for a team to have two coaches, similar to Sweden from 2000-2004.

“Cooperation is an important key for any team to achieve success and Dollah is coach who is very close to me. I’m not going to deny that it is a good idea but everything is up to the FAM,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dollah Salleh also did not rule out the idea, and said it would be an honour for him if he is given the chance to work with Kim Swee.

“Two heads might be better than and I can’t deny that it is actually a great idea, and it is an honour for me to work with him. We both know each other and I think we can work well together,” added Dollah.

The FAM are still hunting for a new coach to replace Datuk K.Rajagopal with recent reports suggested that they might announce the identity of the new coach in June.