Annuar believes naturalizing import players is not possible

Tan Sri Annuar Musa believes that rewarding citizenship to import players, and having them play for the national team is not possible in football

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Tan Sri Annuar Musa has voiced out his opinion in regards to naturalizing import players, saying that doing this would not solve any problems in Malaysian Football.

The President of the Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) said there was no policy from Malaysian immigration, nor from FIFA, that allows import players to play for their adopted country.

Speaking to Bernama, Annuar said “The policies that we have does not allow any player with double citizenship to represent a particular country. Same goes with FIFA rules, that stated that a player from his original country cannot represent another country.”

Annuar also stated that even if a player decides to become a permanent resident in the country or gain citizenship, the  player must go through five year of cooling period before they can represent the country.

“The best way is to identify talent at the young age and groom them to become better players,” added Annuar.

Despite several numbers of foreigners representing Malaysia in other sports, it is unlikely to happen in football because the aforementioned rules.

The news of naturalization of import players broke in the local football scene when Goal Malaysia started a poll, with most Malaysians agreeing that Selangor hot-shot Paulo Rangel should gain citizenship and play for the Malayan Tigers.