Durakovic urges strikers to score more goals

Mehmet Durakovic wants his strikers to score more goals if they are to mount a realistic chance of winning the Super League title this season

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Mehmet Durakovic, the head coach of Selangor, has urged his strike force to score as many as goals as possible for the remainder of their games in the Super League.

Speaking to Bernama, Durakovic stated that the 0-0 draw against Terengganu had become costly in the title race, and he insists that they must score more goals if they want to keep up with their rivals.

Durakovic commented, “If our finishing is good, we can at least score two goals against Terengganu. Paulo and other players played well but we were unable to break Terengganu’s solid defence.”

With the draw Selangor blew their chances to go top of the table, remaining in second place behind Pahang, separated now only by goal difference. For the Turtles, they are now fourth in the league with 22 points, six points behind the two leaders.

Sharing the same sentiment, defender Rizal Fahmi also said that luck was not on their side when the Red Giants failed to go top of the Super League.

“We cannot let go (of) any point(s) in the remaining matches. I am confident Selangor can win the title if we can get good results, especially at home,” said Rizal.

With eight games to go in the Super League, there is no indication yet as to who will go on to win the title, as there are several teams raring to go for the final push that could secure the MSL trophy.