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Salibasic denies saying offensive words to Fitri Omar

Salibasic denies saying offensive words to Fitri Omar


Sarawak player Muamer Salibasic has denied reports that claim he said offensive words towards Kelantan's Fitri Omar during their recent clash

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Muamer Salibasic, Sarawak's import player, has denied reports suggesting that he uttered offensive words to Kelantan’s Fitri Omar during the match between the two teams last Friday.

According to the Bosnian, he stated that the claim made by Mohd Fitri was a misunderstanding due to the pressure of the match.

Speaking to Bernama, Salibasic said “I think he misunderstood me because I didn’t say anything bad. At that time, there were a lot of voices and sounds going on.”

However, Salibasic did admit that there was a confrontation between him and Fitri Omar, but insisted that it was normal and it would be very unlikely for him to insult Fitri at that time.

“He pushed me and I pushed him back, but I am sure that I never said anything offensive towards him. I’ll try to call him to talk things over,” he added.

In a very close-hard-fought match, Kelantan were defeated in front of their passionate home fans with Sarawak's winning goal coming from Ryan Griffiths.

The defeat has put Kelantan in more misery as they have suffered some poor results recently, including the 4-0 defeat againt Sime Darby which resulted in the sacking of their coach Steve Darby.