Poll of the Day: Is Steve Darby's sacking justified?

All things must come to an end, but does the 59-year old coach deserve his termination from Kelantan?

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After only four months at the helm after replacing Bojan Hodak, seasoned English coach Steve Darby was finally sacked by the Kelantan FA (KAFA), following poor performance of the 2012 treble champions that included an early exit from the 2014 AFC Cup, and only two wins from their last 10 matches.

The last straw was their embarassing 4-0 loss to clubside Sime Darby FC last Tuesday, which saw KAFA president Annuar Musa publicly lambasting Darby's tactics for the match on social media. He has become the third MSL outfit head coach to be axed in 2014, following Ron Smith's resignation from Pahang and Cesar Jimenez' demotion from JDT I to JDT II.
Fans are divided over the decision, with one side claiming that football teams need time to work together under a new head coach or manager, whereas the other side of the divide is arguing that modern football is about quick and immediate results.

What say you, Malaysian football fans? Did KAFA do the right thing in giving the former Perak and Johor coach the sack? Feel free to leave comments if you have any other opinions on Darby's fate.

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