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Datuk Taufek Abdul Razak has revealed that the FAM's secretariat never asked them to discuss the assault claim that was made by T-Team

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The President of the Football Associations of Malaysia (FAM) disciplinary committee, Datuk Taufek Abdul Razak, has made a shocking statement in regards to the Larkin incident.

Taufek said that the committee never received any allegations from the FAM secretariat in regards to the claim that the highest official of JDT had assaulted players and staff of T-Team.

According to Berita Harian, Taufek stated that “I must explain here that the disciplinary committee will open and investigate the case if the secretariat made the allegations. In this case, we only received reports of safety and security problems, not what happened in the tunnel.

“If there is a report sent to us, then we will definitely discuss and look into it, and I hope the public will understand this and stop pointing fingers to the committee,” he added.

Taufek also added that the committee will only look at the case if it was given to them by the secretariat, and so far he insisted that they have never failed to look at a case.

“I can guarantee that we never missed any case, and we always discuss each case given to us, including the high profile cases,” added Taufek.

The incident that happened on the February 1st was finally settled by the FAM, with the association only fining JDT RM30,000 due to their failure to provide good safety for the visiting team.

However, T-Team’s claim that their staff and players were assaulted by the highest official of JDT was never discussed by the committee.

Many people, including fans and the chief minister of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, have slammed the FAM by saying that the association’s decision was unfair.