ATM looking to sign a Korean defender to fix injury problems

ATM are looking to sign a new import defender after injury problems have put them at the bottom of the league

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B. Sathianathan, ATM’s head coach, has revealed that they will probably sign a South Korean defender soon to help ease their injury problems.

Sathianathan insisted that the signing of a new defender is vital since his import defender Spase Dilevski is currently out through injury.

Speaking to Astro Arena, Sathia said “We have identified a defender from Korea’s K-League and we will try to get him as we (have) already lost Spase Dilevski for the next three months.”

ATM have been disappointing this season after losing two of their key defenders, Amiridzwan Taj and K. Reuben, for long periods of time due to injury.

Sathianathan also insisted that it is hard for him to find any other local players that can replace both Amiridzwan Taj and K.Reuben.

“It’s pretty hard to replace Taj and Reuben. We do not have enough quality local players who do not play with any team. They all are playing with other teams and if they are good players, I am sure their club wouldn’t let them go that easy,” he added.

ATM defensive problems have been one of the main reasons that has seen them sink to the bottom of the table.  They will face FA Cup champions Kelantan next at Kota Bharu, and another defeat will surely put ATM in real danger of facing relegation.