Malindo Air plane carrying Terengganu football team catches fire

A Kuala Terengganu bound Malindo Air flight had to make a turn back after the plane's turbine engine caught fire

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A Malindo Air flight did an emergency turn back this morning when one of its engine turbine caught fire. The plane took off at 7.30 am from Subang Airport and players of the Terengganu football team were among the passengers on board heading home after their victorious 3-0 win over ATM last night in Selayang Stadium.

The pilot of the aircraft took an instantaneous decision to switch off the affected engine before landing back safely at the Subang airport according to the News Straits Times.

Forward Faiz Subri posted a photo of the burning engine on his official facebook page and confirmed that the plane had returned safely after the occurrence of the unfortunate event.

Terengganu FA’s official website also verified through a statement that the team have taken a replacement flight to Kuala Terengganu at 10.00 am.

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