Annuar urges FAM members to stand up and change

Annuar believes that someone who is committed, and has a passion for football, should lead the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)

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Kelantan Football Association’s (KAFA) president Tan Sri Annuar Musa has urged all the committee members of the FAM to use their rights in making changes, during the FAM’s upcoming congress meeting on the 25th of May.

According to Annuar, all the FAM members must work together to decide who is the best man that deserves to lead the association.

Annuar also added that most of the members only speak and voice out their opinions, but never really take any action, but now they have a chance to do so.

Speaking to Utusan Malaysia, Annuar said “as a former member of the committee, I really think (the) FAM needs to change. The opportunity is there so we must grab it. The committee should shape the FAM because it’s theirs and they can’t always blame the FAM.”

Annuar also believed that the football association must be led by someone who is committed and willing to do anything for the sake of the development of football in the nation.

He added that most of the members, who are currently the Presidents of the state associations, have the knowledge as well as the passion in football.

“In my eyes, I can see that the President of Johor’s Football Association (TMJ) is amongst the Presidents that are committed, willing to spend money and time and always involved in football, whether directly or indirectly. He fits and has all the criteria that can bring changes to the Malaysian football,” added Annuar.

Annuar has been saying for the past weeks that Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim should be the new leader of FAM while, Ibrahim himself revealed to Annuar that he is ready to fight for the Presidential post.