Brendan Gan to sign for Kelantan in April

The Red Warriors are looking to strengthen their team by adding no less than three players during the April transfer window

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Kelantan are set to receive a huge boost as they reportedly will sign three new players during the April’s transfer window, to play for them in the second half of the Super League season as well as in the FA Cup semi-final against Felda United.

Kelantan Football Association’s (KAFA) advisor Tan Sri Annuar Musa stated on his Facebook page, “We are hoping to sign three national stars, including two internationals this April. We are trying the best we can to make sure we will be much strong when the league goes into the second round."

Reports suggested that one of the names that Kelantan will sign during the transfer window is Australian-born Brendan Gan, and he will be listed as a local player, not an import player.

Kelantan’s effort to try and sign Brendan during the December transfer window failed as the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) insisted that if players want to be registered as local players, they must have Malaysia’s identity card or a Malaysian passport.

Brendan has since agreed to let go of his Australian passport and is willing to get a Malaysian passport in order for him to join Kelantan.

The Red Warriors are currently in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, a tournament which they won last year, and they also currently second in the league behind fellow east-coast team Terengganu.