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Liverpool Football Club offered their support to the daughter of the Chief Steward of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

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For any football fan, the thing that they want to see would no doubt be to see their favourite team in action. It will be all the more sweeter if his or her team is enjoying a modicum of success. As Liverpool continues their assault on the Premier League title, a 17-year-old girl is desperately hoping that his father could be back home to watch the Liverpool matches with her.

Maira Elizabeth Nari is also waiting for her SPM examinations results but all that comes secondary to her wish to see her father return home. Her father, Andrew Nari is the Chief Steward on board of the missing flight, MH370. The Malaysian Airlines flight that was en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing on the 8th of March and investigations is still on-going as to its whereabouts.

Maira posted a tweet on Twitter on 16th March, asking her father to come home and watch the Manchester United v Liverpool match with her and that this her father doesn't miss a chance to catch his idols in action.
Liverpool FC picked up on the tweet and were quick to offer their support to the teenager. The missing flight MH370 has shocked the world since the news was broken out and all around the world, wishes and prayers have come pouring in, in support of the people whose families are on board that flight. Arsenal FC were also amongst the football club which showed their support to the families involved.