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One minute of silence was observed in all Malaysia Super League games on Saturday, as they paid homage to the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft


The Malaysia Super League (MSL) officially paid tribute to the Malaysia Airlines aircraft that went missing almost three days ago, with all matches observing a one minute silence last weekend.

The unfortunate news sent shockwaves throughout world, and plenty of support has been flooding in, with families of the 239 passengers and crew feeling distraught.

Besides the one minute silence, a significant amount of banners were also hoisted up in most matches, encouraging everyone to pray for the safety of everyone on board that fateful flight.

Flight MH370 was bound for Beijing, but contact with the plane was lost within an hour after departure from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, as it astonishingly went missing from the radar as well.

Since then, numerous countries have joined forces in sending out help in the form of navy ships and aircrafts in order to help detect and identify the location of the aircraft. Despite minor clues here and there, no definitive answer has been discovered yet as to what caused the aircraft to lose contact and go missing from the radar.