Suspended Hafizi Roslee files a suit against FAM

Former Kuala Lumpur player Hafizi Roslee has filed a suit against the FAM for suspending him from playing football for the rest of his life

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Hafizi Roslee, the former Kuala Lumpur right back who was banned for life by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for his alleged involvement in match-fixing and bribery, has filed a lawsuit against the FAM.

The 29-year-old defender filed the suit on February 26th, and named the FAM and the Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA), as the first and second defendants.

According to Bernama, his lawyer stated that Hafizi has urged the court to reverse the FAM decision that prevents him from taking part in any football-related activity for life.

Hafizi also stated that the FAM’s actions were unconstitutional and done arbitrarily, which is a breach of the rules of natural justice and public policy. This is based on the fact that the FAM had heard this case without the presence of Hafizi.

Last year, the FAM disciplinary committee banned five Kuala Lumpur players from playing football for the rest of their lives. As well as Hafizi, the remaining players are Fadhullah Yunsifar, Phoo Kai Lun, Khairul Anuar Shafie and Jeremy Draxler. This is because all the players were found guilty of involvement in match-fixing and bribery.

Other than the players, Stanislav Lieskovsky, the head coach of Kuala Lumpur, assistant manager Rosli Omar, and KLFA official Saari Jani were also charged under the same offence.

The rest of the Kuala Lumpur players were also fined by the FAM, but did not get the life punishments like Hafizi and company.