Tunku Ismail supports new management for the FAM

Tunku Ismail has stated that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) should listen to the voice of the fans, but insists that flares and smoke bombs should not be permitted

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Tunku Mahkota Johor and Johor Football Association’s President, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (TMJ), has asked the FAM to listen to the voice of the fans.

In regards to the flare and smoke bomb incidents during the Malaysia and Philippines match a few days ago, TMJ stated that the FAM should take the issue positively and that they should start to take the fans request of wanting an honest and transparent football governing body.

In his statement, TMJ stated “I hope that the FAM will take this positively, and listen to the voice of the fans. FAM should also differentiate between ultras and hooligans, instead of labelling Ultras Malaya as hooligans.  We must see them as football fans who want an honest and transparent football governing body, with people of integrity running it, not people with self-interest.”

However, despite his support of the objectives and the mission set out by the Ultras Malaya, TMJ insisted the actions of the Ultras Malaya during the game were unacceptable.

“I understand the frustration felt by Ultras Malaya, however smoke bombs and flares should not be deployed anytime, or for any reason whatsoever, not only in football matches but in any sports,” said TMJ in an official statement.

Sympathizing with the Ultras, he also stated that he understood why they took such action, to vent out their frustrations and anger, and he also agreed that there should be new management to lead the football association.

“30 years, with (the) ranking and team performance down the ladder, I think it’s time that we change FAM management with leaders that will put Malaysia football growth above anything else.”

Last Saturday, the Ultras Malaya fired up flares and smoke bombs that caused the game between Malaysia and the Philippines to be stopped for eight minutes.

TMJ has been supported by KAFA’s president, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, to lead the FAM and replace the current President.