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Khairy wants PDRM and FAM to take action on flare incidents

Khairy wants PDRM and FAM to take action on flare incidents

Malaysia Chronicle

Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin was clearly disappointed and angry with the flares and firecrackers set-off during the game between Malaysia and the Philippines

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Khairy Jamaluddin has taken the issues of firing flares during matches very seriously.  According to him, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Malaysian Police (PDRM) must sit down and come up with a way to help strengthen the security each time international matches take place.

He believes that the increase in security is important to ensure that there will be no more flares, firecrackers or smoke bombs being brought into the stadium.

Quoted by Astro Arena, Jamaluddin said “We have to think about the safety here. I kept quiet before because it did not disturb the match or threaten the safety of others, but what happened last night was too much and firm actions must be taken.”

During the friendly game between Malaysian and Philippines, the match had to be stopped for eight minutes after the Malayan Ultras started to fire the flares and firecrackers right after the half hour mark.

“For me if the flares and the fireworks have reached the level that it can disturb the game, it means that it is unacceptable and we must take this seriously,” he added.

The match between Malaysia and Philippines resumed after the eight minute delay, and it ended 0-0 between the two teams.