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National striker Norshahrul Idlan has returned to the national team and will be available for the games against Philippines and Yemen

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Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) striker Norshahrul Idlan has again shocked both Ong Kim Swee and Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal after he decided to return to the national team and joined his team mates for training.

Last week, the former Kelantan striker did not report for duty after being called up by interim coach Ong Kim Swee, and the head coach stated that he may never call up the player as long as he is in charge of the national squad.

However, Mat Yo contacted both Kim Swee and Subahan and informed them of his desire to join the national squad, which means he can help the country against Philippines and Yemen.

According to Utusan Malaysia, Kim Swee said “I received a call from him and after I spoke to Subahan, we decided to accept his reason. I can’t expose his reason because it’s too personal, but during the training, he seems really focus(ed) because everything was settled.”

Mat Yo’s presence has certainly brought much delight to Kim Swee, as he has now more options upfront after Pahang’s Azamuddin Akil was ruled out due to injury.

“With the return of Mat Yo, I felt so happy because everyone knows what he is capable of and he gives more options upfront, other than Safee Sali, Amri Yahyah, Fakri Saarani and Bobby Gonzales.  I already forgive him of what he has done previously and I hope he would not waste his second chance that I’m giving,” he added

Mat Yo’s return to the national squad will surely give the team a huge boost for the team and other players, as he has been one of the key players to the national team for the past few years.