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The Causeway Derby between Malaysia and Singapore will be the inaugural match at the new Sports Hub, with it being scheduled to happen on the eve of Singapore's Independance Day


Malaysia will be the first side to officially test the newly constructed Sports Hub in Singapore, with a classic Causeway Derby set to commemorate the brand new infrastructure.

The match between both sides will take place at the 55,000 seater stadium on the 8th of August, which is also the eve of Singapore's Independance Day.

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) President Zainuddin Nordin believes that this match will be an excellent event to officiate the grand-looking Sports Hub, especially with the date being specially picked to further inculcate a magnificent spectacle.

"I would like to announce that Singapore will be hosting our neighbours Malaysia in the opening match on August 8," he told the press at a special media preview that was organized at the Singapore Star Hub.

"We have chosen this date specially and you would also know, this is one day before our National Day. It will be an atmosphere, a day for us to celebrate, and of course we hope it will be a good game."

"Now people will ask us why we chose Malaysia," he said. "You know this rivalry has been going on for the longest time, it is one of the fiercest rivalries and I think it would be something all of us would want to see."

All of Singapore's recent matches have been played at the Jalan Besar Stadium, which has a very limited capacity. But Zainuddin believes that the Singapore Sports Hub represents a major element of pride for all Singaporeans.

"Everybody knows football, I think for me, its wonderful to be here. We are here because this is a historical site, we are here to witness something tremendous and momentous. So I am very happy. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many stadiums because of football. I think we have something special here."