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President of Johor FA, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, has given his statement to the police in regards to Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) and T-Team incident

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The police force have informed reporters that they have taken statements from the Young Prince of Johor (TMJ) Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, regarding the incident that happened at the Larkin Stadium a month ago.

A quarrel between T-Team and JDT that happened in the tunnel during the half-time break of their second round FA Cup match has led to both sides lodging police reports.  Malaysia’s chief of police has confirmed that they have taken statements from the President of JFA, but he insists that the case has yet to solved.

According to Utusan, so far more than 20 individuals have given their statements to the police in order to investigate this issue, and he also added that the culprit can be punished with up to one years prison time, or fined up to RM2000, or even face both penalties.

The JDT and T-Team fiasco started on the 1st February, where T-Team’s import player Evaldo Rodriguez and their fitness coach Stefano Impagiazzo claimed that they were assaulted by JDT’s highest ranking official when the teams were on their way to the dressing room.

T-Team then decided to leave the stadium right away for safety reasons and the Football Association of Malaysia rewarded JDT with a 3-0 win, which dumped T-Team out of the competition.

Police reports have been made from both sides, and T-Team players and officials also swore on the Al-Quran to prove that they are innocent, but nothing has been solved as of yet.

According to Terengganu’s chief of police, Datuk Jamshah Mustapa, 17 individuals have given their statements regarding the case, including the controversial statement given by Irfan Ghani, which led to the defender’s early retirement from football recently.