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Terengganu Football Association (PBSNT) may need to cut some players and bring in new faces during the April transfer window if players do not perform

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According to PBSNT President Datuk Wan Ahmad Nizam Wan Abdul Hamid, changes may happen as soon as the transfer windows open again in April and he also said that it may involve both local and import players.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Nizam said “The decision will be made if players from both teams do not show their true potential as soon as the MSL resumes on 8th of March. The steps that we are taking is to strengthen both teams and now we are looking at several import players in (a) few countries.”

However, Nizam added that the changes would not involve all import players and they have already identified which players need to be replaced.  He also said that although Terengganu is currently leading the MSL, changes may happen in order for them to be more consistent.

“Changes in Terengganu also need to be done because we want to make sure that this team keeps the winning momentum, and I am also still disappointed with the performance shown by some of the import players,” he added.

Nizam insisted that their main goal is to make sure that Terengganu remains at the top, while T-Team can bounce back and take themselves off the bottom of the table. Therefore he warned Abdul Rahman and his players not to be too complacent with their current position in the league.