Kelantan to promote "Visit Malaysia" as part of RM1 Million deal

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture has decided to sponsor Kelantan RM1 Million as the Red Warriors will promote the "Visit Malaysia" Campaign during their AFC Cup challenge

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2013 FA Cup champions, Kelantan have received a whopping RM1 Million sponsorship from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as part of a deal where they will promote Visit Malaysia during their upcoming AFC Cup campaign.

According to Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, he stated that the football scene can be a great medium to promote the tourism industry and as well as helping the Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign, which leads to the sponsorship of Kelantan.

Astro Arena reported that the Red Warriors were chosen because they have showed great performances in every game they have played, which makes them one of the strong forces in the local football scene.

Nazri also explained that the presence of players from other countries in every game and the logo “Visit Malaysia” on their jerseys will help the promotion, including when it appears on television.  He is also confident that this sponsorship can give great returns to the ministry.

Kelantan will take part in AFC Cup for a third season in a row and they have targeted to reach at least the quarter-final of this year’s edition.

According to their President, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Kelantan must win their group or at least finish inside the top two spots in the group stage.

Kelantan are in the Group G with Yangon United from Myanmar, XM Vissai Ninh Binh from Vietnam and China Pegasus from Hong Kong.

Selangor are the other team from Malaysia in the AFC Cup, with the Red Giants in Group F together with Ha Noi T&T from Vietnam, Arema Indonesia from Indonesia and Maziya S&R from Maldives.