FAM: We will monitor Wan Kuzain's progress

FAM's vice president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal insisted that the FAM will take a closer look at Wan Kuzain's progress and they hope that Kuzain will play for the country

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The Vice President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal, stated that they aware of the talented Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal, a 16-year-old Malaysian who will go for a trial with dutch club Feyenoord.

Subahan, who is friends with Kuzain father, Dr. Wan Kamal Wan Napi, also admitted that he will try to bring the player back and play with the national team if he is interested to do so one day.

Speaking to Utusan Malaysia, Subahan stated that “Honestly I never see the boy played before but I always follow his development because I always keep in touch with his father. It’s just that when the news of him to have a trial with Feyenoord spread out here in the country, I feel like this is a good development that the FAM and all the fans should now in regards to Wan Kuzain.”

However, Subahan insisted that whether the player will play for the national team or not is up to him and the FAM will do whatever they can to help him if he wants to play for the Malayan Tigers.

“We can’t force Kuzain to play for us, it’s his choice. We also need to look his performance first but for FAM, we are ready to help him come to Malaysia, just like we did when we brought Shanghai Shenhua’s Tam Sheang Tsung for Ong Kim Swee to assess him. It is also not impossible for us to go to Rotterdam and look at the selection process ourselves because I will try my best so that we can look closely the talent that Wan Kuzain’s have,” he added.

Dubbed as American Messi, Kuzain started playing since the age of four and he is currently playing with St. Louis Scott Gallagher in Illinois and he also has been called up to join USA’s under-17 squad for the U-17 World Cup tournament in Chile next year.

Kuzain, who is operating in the midfield, will go to Feyenoord to have a trial with the team for 10 days starting from 28th of February. Feyenoord youth club has produced some of the great footballers around the world, notably the current Manchester United striker, Robin Van Persie.