FAM: Referees in Malaysia to use new "communication system"

The Football Association of Malaysia has apparently ordered a technological equipment to help communication between referees during matches in the nation

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The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has affirmed its intention to boost the quality of refereeing within the country, by ordering a new communication system that will assist them in making decisions during matches.

Plenty has been said about the poor decisions from referees in the Super League, and FAM has now responded to those claims by taking this move.

Speaking to reporters, FAM Secretary General, Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin said: "We have already ordered the communication system for our referees, in order to improve the quality of decision making on the pitch. We will most likely have it by the end of this month."

Besides that, FAM are also keen on experimenting with the idea of having two extra assistant referees on the goalline, and the system could be implemented in the Malaysia Cup if the results prove to be effective.

"We will allow the referee committee to test the system as well as the idea of using four assistant referees instead of two. This method will be trialled in some of the friendly games that will be held this year, and if it's good enough, we will implement it in the Malaysia Cup next August.

"We are aware that this step is not going to entirely solve the problem, but it clearly shows that we are doing our level best to improve the refereeing standards within the nation," Hamidin concluded.